dimarts, 27 de març de 2012

Pels amants de la litografia per feix d'electrons

En aquesta entrada parafrasejo n'Amelia, una investigadora que treballa a Columbia i que es va formar amb nosaltres.

"A very nice recipe I have learned here in NY is a new method to develop chips where you have written your design into PMMA with an e-beam. Instead of using IPA : MIBK (3:1), it is possible to develop with IPA : H2O (3:1). The only thing you have to do is to keep the mixture in the fridge, this is why it is called a cold developer. Here in Columbia they heard this method from IBM and apparently it is cleaner than developing with MIBK. Apart from that, by replacing the MIBK by H2O you are contaminating the environment less, it is less toxic for the user and it is cheaper and it works just great!"

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  1. jeje, me escribieron de otra uni en holanda para usar tb esta receta! funciona guay y es más barata y contamina menos! y tb se puede usar como huelga ;)